Get Ranked 365 is pleased to announce our newest endeavor, a collaboration between ourselves, non-profit client Facing Addiction, global media powerhouse Viacom and the Ad Council, the largest producer of public service campaigns in the U.S., for the “LISTEN” PSA campaign. “LISTEN” aims to bring the conversation about addiction into the homes of every American. Addiction is an all too common disease yet social stigma has kept people from even talking about solutions. The purpose of this campaign is not only to relieve some of the shame associated with addiction but also provide vital information on where to get help. The name “LISTEN” comes from the deep rooted need for empathetic listening that removes the judgement from alcohol and drug use.  The campaign, further detailed on, makes the stories of addiction more personal while offering assistance.

One of the biggest struggles in addiction relief is finding people and resources that are reliable sources of aid. Facing Addiction hopes to combat this struggle with our Addiction Resource Hub. The Hub is innovative technology which has taken what was formerly fragmented information splattered across a few cities and organized it in an easy to access, easy to understand full encompassing map. This new technology created in partnership with Transforming Youth Recovery provides information on where realistic assistance is available and tailored to each person’s unique needs. The Hub, which continues to learn and expand as more community knowledge is put in, will be key in connecting the 45 million Americans directly impacted by addiction to necessary resources.

Get Ranked has worked with Facing Addiction, helping to get both the “LISTEN” campaign and Addiction Resource Hub off the ground. We are proud to be able to offer assistance to such a worthwhile cause. Managing Partner Greg Troche has been instrumental in maintaining and developing Facing Addiction’s paid search campaign, and hopes to continue offer his insights for years to come.

For more information on “LISTEN,” check out The Addiction Resource Hub can be found here, If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction you don’t have to go through it alone, reach out today.

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