How to determine if you need a small business website or redesign…

Does your business need to do any of the following?

  • Reach new and existing customers
  • Allow customer interaction (e.g. comments, photos)
  • Allow customer reviews
  • Allow customers to find you on desktop and mobile devices
  • Can showcase credentials (e.g. awards, recommendations, testimonies, completed projects)
  • Require ongoing maintenance (e.g. protecting against hackers, removing spam, social media sharing, Search Engine Optimization, website backups, web hosting, updates)

There are also many differences between having your own website and using other types of web presence.

Your own personalize business website:

  • Offers full control to customize things such as the domain name and layout
  • Allows for multiple pages in the order you want to show them
  • Create a unique first impression online for branding your business. (e.g. style, brand, industry)
  • Unlimited customizable options, plugins, features and highly scalable
  • Takes longer and is more difficult to set up

Other types of web presence:

  • Are free or have low costs
  • Are quick and easy to set up
  • Offers renting versus owning business website
  • Looks cheap, outdated, branding from website builder (e.g. GoDaddy Logo, Wix Logo)
  • Offers limited control to customize things such as the domain name, layout, and functionalities provided
  • Limits your online scalability

As you think through these points, figure out what you’re trying to achieve with your online presence. Do you just want people to be able to find your business address and phone number online so they can contact you directly? A listing on a business directory or review site may suffice. If you want an online shop, a blog and details about what you do, a website may be the better option. If you want to make a great first impression and look like the biggest most professional company in the area, a custom website may be the best option. Also think about how you plan to maintain your web presence and how much resource you can dedicate such as time, knowledge, learning curve, software, etc.

Based on your resources, time, experience, interests and needs, you might’ve decided what over 64% of small business owners have concluded. That you are ready to make your own custom small business website with a professional web design agency. In that case, learn how simple we make it for business owners to get a custom website setup. In less than 24 hours you will be weeks away from a brand new website or redesign by contacting Get Ranked 365!

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