AdWords Campaign

You may know the basics of setting up a Google AdWords campaign, such as creating ad groups, choosing whom you want the ads to target, and completing your keyword research. However, there is a lot more to a successful Google AdWords campaign than just these steps. If you really want to improve your ROI and achieve a higher click-through rate, these are the insider tips you need to follow:

Remember Negative Keywords

Using the Keyword Planner to find the correct keywords to use in your Google AdWords campaign is only half of the equation—you also need to research negative keywords. These are the words you don’t want to show up for. Negative keywords are crucial because they ensure you aren’t wasting money on clicks when the person isn’t even looking for what you have to offer. For example, if you sell eyeglasses, you will want to make sure to use wine glasses as a negative keyword.

Mobile Matters

Due to the popularity of mobile usage increasing every day, Google AdWords now includes an option to target certain devices. Once you understand where and how your visitors are searching you can tweak your Google AdWords campaign accordingly. If you want your ad to show up more often on mobile devices, make your mobile bid positive (up to 300%), but if you prefer that your ad only be shown to desktop users, make a negative bid (as low as -90%).

Capitalize on Ad Extensions

Another updated feature in Google AdWords is the ability to add on extensions, allowing more information to show up in your ads. Such as:

  • Sitelinks – This extension allows several links to show up in your ad that each lead to a different page, like your contact page, menu, or even a specific item.
  • Call Extensions – With this option, you can add a click-to-call button to your ad, making it effortless for people to call you straight from the ad. This is crucial if your business relies on phone sales and you need to track the amount of people calling in from your ads.
  • Review Extensions – This allows you to highlight a positive review from a reliable third-party source directly in your ad.
  • Location Extensions – If you have a physical storefront, this extension helps mobile users find you effortlessly with the included map pin or navigation assistance.

Ad Copy Counts

It’s not enough to do all the research about what keywords to include in your Google AdWords campaign; you need to have compelling copy that actually gets people to click. To do this, focus on what makes your company unique, and get creative so your ad sticks out from the rest. And never forget to end with a straightforward call-to-action—if you don’t tell them what you want, they probably won’t get the hint on their own.

Don’t Forget the Landing Page

Once you have mastered the eye-catching, precisely targeted, clickable ads for your Google AdWords campaign, there’s one final step: Your landing page. Not only does the landing page contribute to your Quality Score just as much as the ad copy, but once you earn that coveted click, the landing page better live up to expectations. Make sure the content is relevant to the ad that led to it and keep the clicker intrigued so they stick around.

With the addition of many new features, Google AdWords makes it easier than ever to run a successful PPC campaign. For help making your next Google AdWords campaign the best one yet, contact Get Ranked 365 today.