Avoid These Black Hat SEO Tactics or Suffer a Penalty

Not all people are honest; you know that. You also know that the Internet is home to spammers just looking to make a quick buck. These spammers will usually use black hat SEO to get the job done. Black hat SEO tactics are unethical, sometimes illegal strategies webmasters use to trick the search engines into thinking their site is awesome—and they will eventually result in the site getting penalized or blacklisted. And with the introduction of the real-time Penguin algorithm (going into effect any day now), black hat SEO spammers have an even shorter time span before they get caught.

While most black hat SEO tactics are done intentionally, some innocent business owners embark on a mission to improve their rankings by unknowingly using black hat SEO. To make sure you are not one of them, here are the most common black hat SEO tactics you need to make sure to avoid:

Keyword Trickery

While you are probably aware of keyword stuffing—when websites fill their pages with so many keywords that the text itself doesn’t make sense—another commonly used black hat SEO tactic is using unrelated keywords. Essentially, the spammer targets a high-traffic word that has nothing to do with what their website offers just to gain traffic. Google’s algorithms are now equipped to catch this type of behavior, so websites almost never get away with it.

Disappearing Text

Another black hat SEO tactic is essentially making keyword-filled text invisible to the user, while still allowing the search engines to index it. This can be done by using a few hidden links or keywords, or by cloaking the entire page by showing something entirely different to the search engines. Again, Google is getting smarter, so this black hat SEO tactic is becoming obsolete.

Content Thievery

As you know, writing original content for your website takes a lot of time, which is why a lot of websites will just steal newly published content from other sites before Google has a chance to index it. However, before long, this black hat SEO tactic will be reported as duplicate content, which means your site will be penalized and you could face plagiarism charges from content’s original owner.

Link Purchasing

This is one of the most common black hat SEO tactics because at first it seems legit. There are companies offering to get you a plethora of inbound links (which will boost your rankings) in exchange for money. Unfortunately, the links they get you are low-quality links from unrelated websites, and they may actually hurt your ranking. You only want high-quality backlinks, which take work and time to accrue.

Even though some black hat SEO tactics may get you immediate results, over the long run they are the absolute worst thing you can do for your website. They will not only impact your rankings, but they will greatly discredit your brand going forward. If you want to achieve high rankings the right way, contact Get Ranked 365 today.