Small Business Website Design & Development

Let Get Ranked 365 be of service.

Most small businesses need a professional looking website, that is search engine optimized, and easy to update and modify, but do not have a large budget.  In today’s market if you do not have an online presence it is difficult to compete. Often a small business has to pay for a website as their cash flow allows.  We offer small businesses a website with all the integral aspects they need, and the ability to grow as the business does.

Describing what it takes to build a modern website can sometimes be very confusing – there’s a lot that goes into making a website successful.  We break it down into three parts, like a car: the Engine, the Frame, and the Paint Job.   For small business websites, we utilize WordPress as the website Engine; the website content, text and images, make up the Frame; and a standard Genesis theme is the Paint Job.

WordPress as the Website

The engine is the software that will power your website.  A small business will often have to rely upon outside contractors to maintain their website, so it makes sense to use an engine that is well-known, reliable and that is easy to service. WordPress is used by 1,000’s of small businesses as their website engine because it is easy to use, robust, and can grow as the business does.

Your company might already have a website, but perhaps it’s not as easy to update as you’d like.  Or maybe you are interested in creating a dynamic new company blog.  Whatever phase you’re in of creating or cultivating a web presence for your business, WordPress is an option worth exploring.


Content is the framework that you control

The content is the heart of the website and it is what differentiates you from the competition. WordPress separates the design from the website content, so a user can update and add content without affecting the website design.  They also do not need to know any programming code. We start a website with a Kick-off questionnaire that helps a business owner to identify the purpose of the website and what pages need to be included to launch the website.  We take this information and layout the content to fit the pages of the website.  Our websites include a dynamic section for future growth, such as a Frequently Asked Questions, Case Studies, Blog, Information of Interest, Events, etc. that can be used to broaden and deepen your website’s expertise in the future.

Genesis Themes for Design and Layout

The theme is your website’s design and layout. A WordPress theme controls the look and presentation of material on a website. We have chosen themes by Avada as our themes of choice for small businesses because they are great looking professional designs, include state-of-the-art security, ready for mobile display and very well supported.  These themes can be modified to include a small business’s logo and adapted to their color scheme to fit their brand.  With Genesis themes, a Small Business can change the look of their website easily as often as they like.  Check out Our Work.

Track your Website’s Success

Every website from Get Ranked 365 includes Google Analytics.  Analytics enables a small business owner to track the activity on their website.  We monitor the number of overall visits and the number of visitors that come from search, referrals, through social media and type in the web address directly.  Get Ranked 365 will set-up a monthly report that captures the Key Performance Indicators to be automatically sent to the business owner. We include in our training how to access the data and perform an in-depth analysis.

Once you have a website, you may also be interested in improving where you are found on Google.