Marketing is no longer a one-way street. You get what you give. With Social Media Marketing, we believe that engaging brands don’t just talk, they listen, and they don’t just share, they deliver value. You don’t have to understand it, but you do have to embrace it. Social Media Marketing is no longer optional in today’s market.

Social Media Campaigns

A basic Social Media Marketing campaign is a bridging strategy.  With this campaign, we link your social media posts to your blog posts, broadening the reach of your blog content. This is the easiest way to maximize the views of your new website content.  Once the social media audience is on your blog or website, your call-to-actions can tell you which social media platform generates the best immediate prospects for your business.


We can use social media to gain insight into your customers’ desires, behaviors and how they perceive your brand. We use this knowledge to develop a unique message for your marketing campaigns. This is the foundation when we create and spread relevant content across social communities, moving your brand from just talking, to being talked about.


Creative Content to Build Fans

Another method to build a fan base is to create graphics, images and infographics that audience share and comment on.  Tips, responses to trends and non-promotional company information are all topics that attract interest.  Readers see these topics and comment or share the posts to their network.  Determining what type of content to post will depend on the audience you are trying to engage, their interests, and where in the prospect cycle the visitors are.  A case study, an infographic, images from a community event and a special offer will each resonate with a different audience.


Sponsored Posts, Boosted Posts and Ads

One of the best things about Social Media is that it allows you to target specific groups for advertising.  You can select a demographic, an geographic, or areas of interest, and just have your advertisement presented to a very specific audience.  You can also select the time and duration for the ads to be shown.  The advertising options have gotten quite sophisticated, based on the social media platform.  On Facebook for instance, there are Sponsored Stories, Boosted or Promoted Posts and Page Ads.

  • Sponsored Story – A message that comes from a friend about their activity: engaging with a page, app, or event that a business, organization, or individual has paid to highlight.
  • Page Post Ad – An advertisement that can be shown to everyone on Facebook and gets additional paid distribution among fans.
  • Promoted Post or “Boost” – You can pay to boost a specific post so that it is shown to more friends or fans on a flat rate.


Testing Social Media Messages

Your marketplace’s interests and behaviors are always changing. A favorite today can be gone tomorrow. By investing in ongoing, real-time listening, we can capitalize on what’s new and what’s next, making sure your brand is never left behind.  We can also launch new marketing messages cost effectively in the social media medium to see what resonates and what misses.