Website Updates & Maintenance -Don’t Pass On Old Information!

When your company’s information changes, it’s imperative to update your website so that it is not out of date. Up-to-date and relevant websites get more traffic and generate more leads, but keeping your website updated can be a hassle if you’re busy doing your job and serving your customers.  If your website looks old, visitors may decide to look for someone who is more visually appealing.  Your website needs to correspond to the messages from your sales and customer service teams.  As products, policies, markets, technology and personnel change, your website should be the first place to communicate these changes with your visitors, clients & potential prospects.

 We manage and update many of the websites we built but we also maintain many websites that others have developed. If your website needs a quick update or if you need something fixed, our Website Update Service is the solution for you?


Website Update Services

Updating your website in a timely fashion will let your website visitors know what’s happening today — and can grow your prospect pool. Get Ranked 365 provides several kinds of update services to help keep your website fresh:

  • We can update WordPress software to the latest version
  • We can update page content such as:
    • Updating out-of-date information like addresses, phone numbers or email addresses in your headers or footers.
    • Offering new products or services
    • Announcing upcoming and past events
    • Add frequent asked questions so prospects get consistent answers from the website rather than by phone or email
    • Change staff profiles, add products, and publish case studies.
  • We can set-up and post to your blog.
  • We can change your WordPress theme to give a new, fresh look to your site.  Get more details on how to convert and refresh your website.

No long-term contracts necessary. Get Ranked 365 can tailor all our services to meet your needs.

Website Repair & Rebuild Services

  • Do you need to update your existing website?
  • Does a function on your website not work correctly?
  • Does your website just not work for you?

The Internet changes rapidly and many websites of small business have not kept pace.  Has your web designer disappeared? Do they take too long to respond, or is it a hassle to get small changes made?  Have you out-grown their capabilities?  There are many reasons why websites stay static or are never finished, and often to get what you want done requires hiring a developer or signing a monthly contract.

Use our Website Repair Service to have specific tasks performed as needed – No Contract, No Minimum.

Rather than committing to a contract, we break the time down for specific tasks and only charge you for performing that task. No minimum, no fees, no contract. Get what you need done as you need it, and for an affordable cost. We work with small businesses on a per-task basis to make the changes that you need on your site, cost effectively and time efficiently.

Some of the website repairs we have made include:

  • Adding Google Analytics to a Website
  • Correcting On-Page SEO
  • Optiomize conversion rates
  • Replacing Images
  • Creating dedicated Landing Pages
  • Adding PayPal or payment options for basic e-commerce
  • Website migration to different hosts
  • Domain Name capture

We work on a per task basis for website repair, so the best way to proceed is to send us a request and we will get you a specific quote.